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Support the Freedom Flotilla III

21-03-2015 19:55

The situation in Gaza worsens by the day

Dear friends and supporters,


The situation in Gaza is getting worse by the day* and under the reelection of Netanyahu that downward trend will continue. We cannot ignore this injustice. Our work is unfinished and the mainstream media is letting the world forget Gaza.


Freedom Flotilla III, led by the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC - www.freedomflotilla.org), of which the Canadian Boat to Gaza is a member, will sail this spring and we will be on board. Our commitment remains as strong as ever. Joining this international effort is the best way to help end the blockade of Gaza.


Israel has been hoping that the Flotilla movement would exhaust its resources and supporters would lose hope. What they didn’t count on when they burned Gaza's Ark (see www.gazaark.org) was that it would ignite our desire to see a free Palestine even more. Our work will only be finished when we see an open port in Gaza as a part of a free Palestine.


It is no secret that there is media fatigue. Coverage of the war on Gaza is only reported when violence flares. Without strong peaceful resistance the world begins to accept as normal the imprisonment of 1.8 million people and a war that really never stops. The Flotilla movement has succeeded before and it will continue to succeed in drawing attention to an intolerable oppression of innocent people. You are a part of this success because you care and you support the Palestinians of Gaza.


As a team we need everyone’s help again. Get the word out, talk to friends, support Freedom Flotilla III publicly, volunteer your talents and donate what you can.


Start getting involved. Visit www.canadaboatgaza.org now.


The Canadian Boat to Gaza team


*Take a look at this: http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/gaza_crossings_trends_in_movement_of_people_and_goods.pdf

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